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Don’t tweet this.

Tweet BirdI recently came across a insightful and hilarious article by The Oatmeal of the 10 things you need to stop tweeting about. In order to not become just another blog post telling you what/what not to tweet, I’m interested in why so many people still “misuse” Twitter. Even, sometimes, — gasp — myself.

@halze breaks rule # 1: What you are eating

@halze breaks rule # 2: Social media

@halze breaks rule # 3: The event you’re at

@halze breaks rule #4: Twitter itself

@halze breaks rule #5: Your Work out

@halze breaks rule #6: Your kid, dog, cat, goat or whatever else

@halze breaks rule #7: Speaking Out of context and the [barynard animal]  loves you

@halze has not broken rule #8: Dailybooth photos

@halze breaks rule #9: Emotional breakthroughs

@halze breaks rule #10: Your followers (this one is close)