A Cause Worth Caring About

When is the last time you spent $15 or $30 bucks on something and felt REALLY great about it. I mean, no post-swipe regrets or credit card heart burn?

I propose you make such an investment in the name of charity, health and your fellow human beings in Kwa-Dick, South Africa — a few of the many who don’t have clean water.

Here’s a fact:  Unsafe water and the lack of basic sanitation cause 80% of diseases and more deaths than AIDS, cancer and war every single year. This is not an invitation to complain or begrudge the powers that be for failure to solve world crises. This is an invitation to make a small, positive improvement on a situation that is perpetuated by most of the world’s lack of action. It’s an invitation to make an investment in the lives of others by putting dollars where they are most needed. And it isn’t accompanied by post-purchase trauma.

When you submit a photo in the River To Well contest, 100% of your submission fee goes to fund building a clean water well in Kwa-Dick, South Africa. Simple as that.

This is not your typical charity competition where the majority of the submission or entry fee goes to salaries, overhead, office supplies or marketing materials. This is a grassroots movement started by young people who saw a need and took action to meet it. It’s words put into action. It’s love in motion.

I know the people who founded and have heralded this campaign, and they are good people. That’s not enough in and of itself, but it is a testament to the integrity of the organization. And the cause is one worth supporting. The need for water in third-world countries is beyond what a few or even a thousand individuals can meet alone. But if a few hundred band together with a single purpose and mind, they can make a dent in the need and provide water to one community, one village, one family, one child.

For me, that’s more than enough reason to support this cause. I hope it is for you too. You can submit by clicking here -> River To Well. You have until midnight.

Ready, go!


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