Disappearing Act

Jobs aren’t the only thing disappearing. Internships are becoming more scarce as companies trim their budgets and eliminate unnecessary spending. I learned this firsthand last week.

About a month ago I learned that I had received a Dow Jones internship in Frederick, Maryland at a local daily newspaper. Just last week, though, I received a call from Dow Jones informing me that the newspaper had dropped out of the program because of insufficient funds to pay a summer intern. Perfect. I had already found and secured the perfect living situation and had planned my summer out in my head.

I was relocated to Trevose, Pennsylvania, to work for a mid-sized company that creates and develops marketing products. I took a pay cut of $50 a week. I’m happy about my new situation, but am nonetheless worried that this sort of event might become a more common occurrence.

Everyone is aware that jobs are in short supply, especially for the more highly paid and overqualified demographic of 40-50-year-olds in the industry. But are college students aware that their internships (which already pay almost nothing) may become either unpaid or, worse, obsolete?

I fear not. I can only hope that the economy will improve, advertisers will buy ads, writers will find jobs and paychecks will increase in amount. Oh, and college students will receive paid internships.


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