What[insert race/gender/preference here]PeopleLike.com

That’s so typical of…
The blonde cheerleader. The hippie pothead with dreadlocks. The local townie who only eats organic. The frat bro with sperrys, a popped collar and a sunglass chain around his neck.
Stereotypes are everywhere — and people who “fit” the stereotype stick out like a sore thumb. Or maybe they blend right in.

Stuff “they” like


White people love ugly sweater parties

I recently came across a site called StuffWhitePeopleLike.com. I quickly found that many of the stereotypical things on the site listed as “stuff white people like” was almost entirely and completely true of MYSELF!
Here’s just a few examples:
Ugly Sweater Parties
Bumper Stickers
New Balance Shoes
Outdoor Performance Clothes
Bottles of Water
Being the only white person around

Is it bad if it’s true?
We have come to believe that stereotypes are bad, hurtful, judgmental boxes we put others in, keeping them from being their true selves. We have been taught that to stereotype someone is to judge a book by its cover and to potentially miss what’s actually inside.
In reality, there are tons and tons of people who really DO fit the “stereotype” they appear to represent. This is because they want to be perceived that way. They have, for better or worse, re-engineered their personalities to conform to whatever image they want others to see.

All things in moderation
Stereotypes, if used wisely and in moderation, can be helpful and are not always harmful. I’m not suggesting you should look at every American Indian and assume they go to an Indian Nations university or assume every Chinese person is extremely good at math. Just be smart.
Recognize your initial reaction to something or someone and analyze it rather than dismissing it as racist tendency or too judgmental. Our instincts are often correct.
It just may be true.

For more interesting “steretypical” Web sites, visit:

Click HERE for a comprehensive list of stuff all types of people like!


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